What is A Virtual Assistant?

The term "virtual assistant" is a loose term used to describe an employee or contractor who works remotely and helps with different facets of your business.

At BrightDrop Virtual Assistants, we focus on recruiting virtual assistants to help our clients with customer service, administrative, marketing and support-related tasks.

Our team members are always fluent in English (both written and spoken), personable and well-qualified, as we require each new team member to have 2+ years of prior work experience working with other U.S. companies.

BrightDrop Virtual Assistants are contracted on a month-to-month basis (no long-term commitments).  We are ready to have an immediate impact on your business!

Virtual Assistants

​​​sourcing the best talent in the Philippines & Latin america since 2014.


why choose brightdrop virtual assistants?

At BrightDrop Virtual Assistants, we are 100% home-based in the Philippines and Latin America.  This allows us to offer our clients…

  • The best talent: Traditional BPO companies with physical offices must recruit all their employees from within a commuting distance of their offices.  By being 100% home-based, BrightDrop Virtual Assistants is not limited to any one city or area of each country.  We can source the best talent anywhere in the country.  In fact, if your company is currently using a BPO company in the Philippines, there’s a good chance we have already hired some of the top reps from that company.

  • The best pricing: Our research shows the average office-based BPO company in the Philippines & Latin America builds between $1.30 - $2.50 per hour into their rates...