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Hi there –

Thanks for visiting our website.  My name is Mark Elmerick & I operate BrightDrop Virtual Assistants.

I started this company because I have successfully grown a small business with the help of virtual assistants in the Philippines & wanted to help other companies to do the same.

About 10 years ago, I started a boutique information services business called Elmerick Data & Reports (  I grew this business with the help of virtual assistants in the Philippines -- and I am constantly amazed at the talent and dedication that I see among our team there.

My experiences at Elmerick Data & Reports led me to start BrightDrop Virtual Assistants.  I truly enjoy working with our team in the Philippines and want to help other small and mid-sized businesses to leverage this pool of talented, amazing workers.

In 2018, we began hiring in Latin America, as well, to meet the Spanish-speaking needs of our growing client base.  That has been another amazing journey full of incredibly talented & hard-working people.

At BrightDrop Virtual Assistants, we go through a rigorous hiring process that exceeds the standards of any BPO company in the industry to make sure we hire the best people for our clients. 

In addition to sourcing individuals with the highest English proficiency, we also make sure new team members maintain a good understanding of American culture – I’m pretty sure our entire team in the Philippines & Latin America knows more about American pop culture & the latest American trends than our team in the US :) 

It is truly an honor for me to manage such an amazing group of individuals & I look forward to what the future holds for both our team & our clients.

Thanks for dropping by!

Mark Elmerick


BrightDrop Virtual Assistants, LLC

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office: (800) 975.6867

At BrightDrop virtual assistants, we Recruit talented professionals in the Philippines, connect them with U.S. companies, handle the HR/compliance tasks, and Foster Long-term Relationships.

At BrightDrop Virtual Assistants, we pride ourselves on only hiring the most talented & experienced team members in the Philippines & Latin America (for our clients with Spanish-speaking needs).

Hiring is the core of our business, but it's not the only part of our business.​  After identifying the right person(s) for the job, we handle the HR/compliance tasks for our team members & manage the overall client/VA relationship.  We do not, however, manage the day-to-day tasks of our team members.  Instead, we give our clients full control over the training, schedule & tasks of our team members.  We've found this model to be the most efficient & affordable for our clients.

Currently, we have over 350 full-time virtual assistants providing customer service, administrative and sales support to the insurance, medical, automotive, plumbing and legal industries -- just to name a few.

If you are looking to hire one assistant or a team of workers, we invite you to contact us to see if BrightDrop Virtual Assistants is a good fit for your business.