​At BrightDrop Virtual Assistants, we are 100% home-based in the Philippines and Latin America.  This allows us to offer our clients…

  • The best talent: Traditional BPO companies with physical offices must recruit all their employees from within a commuting distance of their offices.  By being 100% home-based, we are not limited to any one city or area of each country.  We can source the best talent anywhere in the country.  In fact, if your company is currently using a BPO company in the Philippines, there’s a good chance we have already hired some of the top reps from that company.

  • The best pricing: Our research shows the average office-based BPO company in the Philippines & Latin America builds between $1.30 - $2.50 per hour into their rates to cover the cost of each employee workspace in a BPO office (the fancier the office & the more perks, the higher the rate).

          But not all BPO work has to be done in an office, so don’t pay for office-

          based BPO work when you don’t need it.  At BrightDrop Virtual Assistants,

          we typically pay our team members 20% more and bill our clients 20% less

          compared to traditional BPO companies, while sacrificing nothing on

          quality – simply because we don’t have the overhead expenses they have.

  • Physical diversity (in the event of disaster): The Philippines is known for typhoons and these can wreak havoc on business operations.  At BrightDrop Virtual Assistants, having a 100% home-based team allows our clients to diversify the physical location of their BrightDrop team members.  This helps to mitigate the risk that a large center of your operations is unavailable at the same time.


  • Faster/Easier Scalability: concerned about the number of seats remaining at your BPO?  Not us.  At BrightDrop Virtual Assistants, our 100% home-based model allows us to scale faster & easier to meet the demands of our clients.

  • Safer & happier team members: In addition to reducing the spread COVID-19 and other communicable diseases, home-based work also allows our team members to eliminate long & potentially dangerous commutes – particularly in the Philippines, where BPO workers must commute at night in order to work US business hours.

          As an example of this, one of our team members reported to us that she 
          was robbed seven different times on her way into work at various BPO
          companies in Manila before joining our company.

  • Lower turnover & reduced training expenses for our clients: Every survey we have seen shows the same thing: BPO workers want to work at home.  By allowing our team to work from home, our people are happier.  This leads to lower turnover, higher productivity & less training expenses for our clients – as well as fewer headaches for management.

the pandemic is leaving (we hope) but home-based work is here to stay - not just in the united states, but throughout the world.


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